Aquafog XE-361 Oscillator

EQ#: XE-361

Sale price$368.00




When applications exceed a 24-ft. wide coverage area, the TurboXE Oscillator provides a consistent (dwell-free) movement, allowing the operator to fog at higher outputs while maintaining dryness underneath. Sweeping the fog back and forth not only alleviates droplet collisions and fallout, but also enhances circulatory movement for more uniform fog coverage. TurboXE's rotating movement is essential for hard-to-root greenhouse propagation and many odor control situations, but can also be highly beneficial in other applications that can benefit from the sweeping motion of fog and air. Combine the powerful propulsion of the TurboXE Fan with the Oscillator's rotation to obtain a large, forced circulation coverage area up to 70 feet in diameter.

  • Maximum Coverage
  • Uniform Fog Dispersion
  • Rapid Arc Setting
  • Manual Override
  • Dwell-free Design
  • Adjusts in 3.75° Increments
  • 96 Settings
  • 360° Rotation in 2 Minutes