Cage Machines

There is a wide variety of welding machines for production of cages for piles, beam, columns and girders; including semi-automatic plants for production of reinforcement mesh and cages.

  • Production of high precision reinforcement cages for reinforced concrete pipes, driven and bored piles, poles, girders, pillars, columns and other structural elements.
  • Designed for the production of reinforcement cages with diameters from 100mm-6,000 mm.
  • Can be equipped/programmed to fabricate conical cages, cages with bell sockets or zigzag longitudinal wires.
  • No limit to the length of the reinforcement cages which can be manufactured.
  • Semi-automatic range of machinery with manual longitudinal wire feed with bar material designed  for manufacturing of heavyweight cages for bored piles, columns and girders.

Mesh Rollers

    • Roll Bed 8' 6" Long
    • Cleated Feed Rolls
    • Bending Roll Manual Adjustment
    • Heavy Duty Tapered Bearings
    • Wire Coil Stand #5000 included in package
    • Maximum Capacity W6
    • Feed Rate 68 fpm
    • Adjustable Roll Tray
    • Heavy Plate & I-Beam Welded Frames
    • Made in the USA

Frame Mounted Control Panel  

For Safety - Requires two hands to operate

    • Three Horsepower motor with Integral Gearbox
    •  Pre-Wired 230/460v, 3-Ph motor, 60-Hz