As the concrete truck slowly approaches the wash tower, sensors start the process. A series of rotary spray arms with high pressure nozzles clean the hopper for approximately 30 seconds (while only adding about five gallons of water in the drum). Separate spray bars are used for applying soap followed by a series of rinse nozzles to complete the washing process. The whole cleaning process takes about 60 seconds.


  • 1,200 PSI at 40 GPM
  • Proprietary extreme environment truck sensors and flow control valves at ground level 
  • Wash Tower constructed of stainless steel material
  • Industrial grade high-pressure pump, valves, hoses, and fittings 
  • Winterization mode for cold weather climates to protect water lines and nozzles if the unit is left idle 
  • Large volume stainless steel float tank with low water level safety switch to protect the high-pressure pump 
  • Soap application system is standard for enhanced cleaning 
  • Wash gun and high-pressure hose for manual cleaning of other equipment 
  • Backed by an industry leading warranty 


  • Reduced Risk of Injury - drivers do not have to leave the cab and climb up to wash the hopper manually
  • Consistent loads - same amount of water added to each load
  • Efficiency - truck is clean and ready to go in approximately 60 seconds
  • Flexibility - works on both front and rear discharge mixers
  • Quick & Easy Access - all flow control valves and sensors are at ground level
  • Simple Operation - touchscreen on the power unit controls the system
  • Long Life with Minimal Maintenance - constructed with stainless steel parts, severe environment truck sensors, plus industrial grade pump, valves, hoses, and fittings
  • Peace of Mind - automatic draining of the piping and nozzles after extended idle time to prevent freezing in cold weather climates and the low water level safety switch in the stainless-steel float tank protects the high-pressure pump
  • Extra Features - standard unit includes detergent/soap system for enhanced cleaning plus wash gun and high-pressure hose for manual cleaning
  • And Most Importantly – Clean Trucks



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