Batch Plants

iwi Concrete Equipment Group has been designing, repairing, installing, moving, and upgrading batch plants for more than 30 years.  We will work with what you have, blend new and used components and we can manage the project from concept through installation.

We understand how important it is to keep commitments to customers and appreciate a safe, efficient concrete plant. Some features offered include:

    • 2-minute truck turnaround time
    • Smaller footprints
    • Suitable for front or rear discharge

Aggregate Bins

Aggregate bins take a lot of abuse from the materials that they hold and discharge. Bins that were good enough ten or fifteen years ago may not meet your needs today. iwi Concrete Equipment Group can help you get more productive and profitable by repairing, lining, or replacing your existing aggregate storage system. Some features offered include:

    • Design to meet your needs, including an existing footprint
    • Install liners to increase the life of your bins
    • We look at the weigh belt, in feed conveyors, gates and actuators

Dust Collectors

Central dust collectors are designed to ensure contaminated air flows efficiently into, through the collector, and clean air is processed out of the unit. iwi Concrete Equipment Group can specify the most effective dust collector for your operation. Whether it's a Cartridge Plus, Bag Pulse or Reverse Air Central Dust Collector. Some featuresand benefits offered include:

    • Hopper (to contain collected material)
    • Hopper discharge valve
    • Filtration media
    • Negative pressure fan/motor assembly
    • Clean Fan exhaust
    • Easy to Maintain: Tool-less exchange of filter media and top entry for clean side filter exchange
    • Efficiency: Spun bound polyester with 99.99% filtration efficiency
    • Performance: Magnehelic gauge and laser aligned cleaning system.
    • Reliable, Easy to Operate: Electrical control panel and solid-state adjustable timers with LED display.
    • Safety, OSHA-Compliant: Safety gates, ladders, platforms and handrails


If you are looking to increase capacity, add a new product, or starting a new plant iwi group can find the silo for you. We will help ensure that you have the best system that includes overflow protection, dust collection, and screw conveyors. Features include:

    • Ability work with your space restrictions
    • Integration into a new design or existing plant
    • Experience to keep your total cost of acquisition down