Fluidization Nozzle

EQ#: PU-25

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Fluidization Nozzle

 How it works - 
By adding air to the powder inside the silo’s cone the
friction between the wall and the product is reduced
enhancing a more balanced material discharge.
Since the entire body is made of carbon steel, it can be
extracted and applied again as many times as necessary
as opposed to other models on the market made of plastic
that can only be cleaned once or twice.
The number of nozzles to be used depends on the size of
the cone. Nozzles are usually applied in rows of 3.
The operation cycle can be:
-continuous with a constant flow of air at 5 psi
-intermittent using higher 10-20 psi air pressure.
In this case a timer and a solenoid valve are required.
Installation Layout