Membrane Dryer System





Membrane Dryer System MB4-PR - Removes 99.98% of Moisture from Compressed Air Lines

  • Membrane dryer provides -65°F dew point suppression up to 8 SCFM. Purge air is only 0.57 SCFM
  • Silent operation, fast response time, non-oxygen depleting, and no consumables
  • Precision ½" regulator with 0-15 PSI adjustment range
  • 01 micron filtration of particulate and oil removal to 0.003 PPM ensuring optimum membrane performance
  • Reliable performance, easy to install with 24/7 attendance-free operation, no electricity required
  • Low purge air consumption/Explosion proof
  • Temperature 140°F, max. pressure 180 PSI
  • Spin on-spin off replacement elements
  • Powder coated with a durable epoxy coating, ½" NPT, aluminum shell, nylon end cap