Kodi Klips

EQ#: KCS323

Size/Quantity: Kodi Klip - KCS 323 - 2916 Klips per box
Sale price$303.75


Kodi Klip


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  • Variety of Sizes
  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Promotes Health & Safety
  • Makes Stronger Connections


Saves Time - Move from job to job quicker by making rebar connections faster with Kodi Klip Rebar Fastening System.  The lightweight, high-powered, air operated KLIPPING GUN attaches K-KLIP in milliseconds, enabling you to be more competitive when bidding and to complete jobs on budget.

Saves Money - Spend less money hiring and training new workers to replace those injured on the job and cut costs by avoiding using more skilled labor to weld rebar connections on more expensive grades of rebar. Lower costs that erode job profitability and make it harder to compete - like Worker's Comp premiums. 

Promotes Health & Safety - Protect your workers - equip them with a rebar connecting system that is the safest and fastest in the industry.  

Makes Stronger Connections - The Kodi Klip system rigidly grips rebar saddle joints, dramatically reducing wracking and eliminating unwanted motion.  Its patented four-point grip gives you more consistent and stable rebar connections.  This system is perfect replacement for hand tying rebar on site-pour, precast, pre-stressed, and tilt-up concrete applications