EZ-In Kit

EQ#: SP-4730

Sale price$50.00


EZ-In Silo Fluidizer assemblies are ideal for retrofitting existing hoppers or bins, or when frequent inspection and maintenance is required.

Once installed, you can also perform regular inspection and maintenance as required from the outside, without confined space entry requirements – saving you both time and money

Retrofit existing flat or conical hoppers currently using inefficient air pads or diffusers.

Design Features

  • Used with Solimar’s proprietary silicone disk (Silo Fluidizer) that will not plug, harden or crack.
  • Unique gasket material seals tight - compensating for any imperfections with no leaks.
  • Gasket is permanently affixed to the mounting plate.
  • Use with flat or conical hoppers.
  • Zinc plated carbon steel mounting plate offers excellent wear resistance.