Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cutter - (9290C)

EQ#: 9290C

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H K Porter


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Ideal for daily production. Will cut up to 1/2" W-20 wire mesh and up to 3/8" grade 75 rebar. An air drying unit should be used with this cutter. 

  • Heavy-duty workhead has 5" bore (127mm) and 3" stroke (76mm)
  • Cutting controlled by manual pressure
  • No exhaust shock
  • Clipper cut jaws
  • Cuts soft, medium or hard materials
  • Heavy-duty model for 90-130 PSI
  • Used in the wire-shelving industry
  • Filter-lubricator units recommended in air supply line-long tool service
  • NEVER use any H.K. Porter cutters on energized circuits, wire or cable