Slab Crusher

EQ#: 53854

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Slab crusher: (2012): Only used for 2 years.1) Used for crushing concretes prestress slabs size 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm and 400mm. The slab is lifted on to the steel belt by a forklift and fed in to the crusher and crushed by the large rotating drum. The crushed stone is fed on to one small belt which the stone (size 20mm to 50mm ) is fed on to the 6m belt that will take the stone to a stock pile. The steel eg prestress strand is transferred on to a belt and fed out the other end of the crusher strand size 9mm 9,3mm 12mm 12.5 and 15mm. 2) This crusher has a 6 cylinder Scania engine. 3) Crusher has 3 hydraulic pumps. One of the pumps is piston pump. 4) Crusher weighs just under 30 Ton. Has remote control for moving . 5) Crusher is on tracks for moving and can fit on lower loader. 6) The Crusher has a large haggling Dennison hydraulic motor for driving the crushing drum. It has a hydraulic pressure of 350 bar.