Find the hidden gems by reading the description.  For example this forklift is in excellent shape with less than 300 hours on it.  Almost new!
When making a decision to purchase used equipment - there are a few tips to think about.  First - choose a reputable broker!  Next - read the description carefully and review all the pictures regarding the equipment that you are considering.  Pictures tell a good story so don't be afraid to ask the seller for additional pictures.  For complex purchases like a block machine or a batch plant - it is wise to make a trip to the seller's location to view the equipment prior to purchase.  You can ask the seller to run the equipment to ensure that it is in working order.
Now for the Tricks - team up with a broker for some "inside" assistance.  Good equipment brokers will help you find what you are looking for.  Currently with supply chain shortages, the used equipment market moves quickly - many times there are multiple offers for used equipment so having someone who can help you obtain the equipment that you need makes all of the difference.